Our story

In 2011, the founders of Leadership Success (LS) decided that if we could make people’s working lives a little more productive and a little less stressful, that would be an achievement of which we could be proud.

Direct managers have the greatest influence on individual work environments. So we set out on our mission to make effective management standard practice. If every individual manager could be helped to realise their potential, regardless of their circumstances, teams around the world would flourish.

Sounds simple enough, but as existing management development solutions obviously weren’t working, we had to start from scratch. Why aren’t current solutions working? What makes a manager perform at their optimal level, and what stops them? What conditions optimise team engagement and productivity? Since then, we have continued to research, practise, learn and evolve - again and again.

Today, LS has evolved into:

  • A managerial development company focused on providing its clients with objective, data driven insights.
  • The only company of its kind that can assess managers, determine what development interventions they need and provide that development on an individual basis.
  • Offering proprietary products that are scientifically based, credible and actually work.
  • An organisation where the whole team are passionate believers that we will - one day - achieve our mission of making effective management standard practice.

Key stats

Active enterprise clients
New clients joining each month
AU/NZ managers currently being coached
New managers joining coaching program each month
Managers satisfied / highly satisfied with coaching
Best development ever undertaken (agree & strongly agree)


Seamless hassle free process.
The KSAC system is innovative and useful. Staff are friendly and helpful.
Great organization to work with, good product that our participating employees enjoy.
It is really good because it can be specifically tailored to what an individual is experiencing and needs.
One on one development encourages you to explain how you will use the information learnt in your workplace, and provide feedback on how that has been received.
It is real life and having someone to meet with ensures you try and report back. It is not just learn and hope to implement.

Our Team